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Do we really not say “you’re welcome” anymore?

This is a wonderfully in-depth explanation of a phenomenon my mother laments every time some says, “No problem!”

...And Read All Over

So there’s a news article about language and the journalist interviewed… linguists! Actual, real life linguists! I know, I’m as shocked as you are. Does this mean the field of linguists has finally made it? May Helena Plumb put it perfectly:

I’m joking around, but the article, which appears in the Huffington Post, is really good. It’s about the decline of the phrase you’re welcome and the article does a great job in explaining the ins and outs of phatic expressions and the social uses and meanings of the things we say.

But is you’re welcome really on the decline? Are no worries and no problem really on the increase? There weren’t any figures in the article to back this up, so I…

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  1. When I first moved to the Midwest, I was surprised that everyone responded to a “thank you” with “Okay”. Once I finally got used to it, I moved to the Southeast where everyone here responds with “uh-huh”. I thought it was weird until I realized I now do it too.


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